University of Bath

TEAM BATH and The Sports Training Village

X-Bikes & Xdreams Installed

In 2008, The University of Bath installed 15 X-Bikes at their Sports Training Village and following their success, purchased 6 Xdreams in 2009 to innovate their gym offering. The Sports Training Village now runs both X-Bike classes and race nights on the Xdreams which have proved very popular with members.

"As Commercial Manager at Team Bath, I would thoroughly recommend the purchase of both the X-Bikes and the Xdreams. Feedback from customers has been fantastic and our staff (including myself) enjoy teaching the classes andracing on the Xdreams."

Miles Peyton Commercial Manager at Team Bath

More for our Members

The X-Bikes have been a terrific asset to the Sports Training Village. They have been the catalyst for the expansion of our class programme and we now offer 35 classes per week compared to 6 previously. X-Bike Classes operate at approximately 75% occupancy with many classes at peak times being oversubscribed.

Our Athletes

The University of Bath is one of the top sports Universities in the UK and TeamBath encompasses many elite level athletes. The X-Bikes and Xdreams have proved extremely popular with TeamBath athletes who especially enjoy the competitive element of the Xdreams. We also run X-Bike classes for visiting sports teams and school groups.

A Tool for Sales & PR

The centre runs Race Nights which are open to both members and non-members. The events enhance the atmosphere withinthe gym; encourage banter between the customers and gain exposure for this unique product, thus increasing new member sales opportunities. By engaging our athletes in the challenges as well, it creates opportunities for press coverage in the local media to further raise the profile of the facility and generate even more sales.

Increased Revenue

The addition of the X-Bike classes have encouraged many traditional gym members to upgrade to Gold membership which increases average membership subscription and has improved membership retention. Most significantly, during the year 2009/2010 the facility has seen financial growth of approximately £100,000 compared to the previous year.
This has been achieved in a centre that had seemingly matured with no growth in the previous year. The only notable change to their offering has been the addition of the Xdream bikes coupled with increased exposure of the X-Bike classes.